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Cleancor Technologies specializes in fire, water, and other natural damage restoration nationwide. Cleancor is a leading international firm offering ample experience and know-how gained during the many years of its operation. Our firm is spearheading the field of handling and repairing fire damage, water damage and natural disaster damage, and offers a high-quality, professional restorative service at the highest level for every case.


The Cleancor Technologies team undergoes specialized training. Through cooperations with international firms overseas we offer our clients an advanced, efficient solution, according to the characteristics of the incident, the client's requirements, and the requirements of the insurance company's assessor.

In recent years, following the development of the advanced D.I.C.C cleaning method, our firm has been leading the field of professional restoration and handling of fire damage, water damage and natural disaster damage. We offer a professional, high-quality restorative and logistic response for every incident, no matter how complex.
It is worth mentioning that our experienced team of professionals undergoes advanced training in the field of restoration and handling. Thanks to our cooperation with international firms overseas, our clients enjoy the fastest and highest-
standard response for every incident.
Cleancor Technologies specializes in water damage recovery, including:
A. Preliminary post-flood treatment:
•Stabilizing the spread of water damage, flooding and moisture
•Quick and effective drying of the affected area
B. Post-flood recovery actions:
•Drying and recovery of contents: drying electronic equipment, carpeting and furniture
•Effective bad odor treatment – air purification, mold elimination
•Recovering documents, bookcases, and backup media
•Cleanup and disinfection of the affected area using advanced equipment
•Drying of the incident site including the flooring and walls until complete restoration is attained
•When needed – ground stabilization treatment
Cleancor offers a fast, professional fire damage recovery, including: 
•Electronic equipment recovery from fire damage
•Recovery of documents affected by fire damage
•Treatment for burnt smells – using environment-friendly substances
•Smoke and soot damage recovery
•Removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials from the site of the fire
Industrial Cleaning 
 Cleancor Technologies offers advanced industrial cleaning solutions using advanced technologies which guarantee perfect cleaning results even on tough surfaces. In addition, Cleancor has developed the dry ice cleaning technology, which allows to clean complex surfaces and electric boards.
 Trade Department
We sell advanced Combijet water pressure cleaning machinery.
Ozone Treatment
The Ozone generator serves as a natural disinfectant: when it comes in contact with mold, fungus, or bacteria – it disinfects and destroys them immediately. Cleancor Technologies offers professional cleaning services for industrial uses, as well as damage recovery services, using the Ozone generator for the treatment of mold and bacteria.
Under-Flooring Drying
We offer an innovetive technology for a thorough, professional under-flooring drying service, which does not require removing any existing flooring.
Our special equipment allows us to complete the drying process quickly, without noise and without having to evacuate tenants from the building.
Our team of professionals will quickly restore your floor and house to its good condition.
Dry Ice Electric Board Cleaning
Cleancor Technologies has developed a unique method for cleaning electric boards using dry ice
Using dry ice for cleaning electric boards is ideal since it allows for perfect cleaning of soot, dust, graphite, grease, chips and acid.
In addition, dry ice cleaning helps to improve safety, reduce electric board loads and reduce the risk of malfunctions.
Cleaning and Disinfecting Air Ducts
Comprehensive air conditioning cleaning and disinfecting services using a unique technology for maximal cleaning of air ducts. Cleancor Technologies offers a professional cleaning and disinfecting service to prevent bacteria and mold in industrial air conditioning systems and air ducts.
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